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Real HDMI is for the Droid X ONLY. It does not work on other phones as they have different hardware and software packages. (This means no EVO's)

Real HDMI at its heart is a software hack to enable a capability that the manufacturer didn't see fit to give the consumers and some features may be highly experimental. This means the application has been developed with out the assistance of Motorola or Verizon and isn't endorsed by either of those companies. This also means that by its very nature the solution provided by this application is far from perfect and is limited by developers understanding of hardware and underlying application interfaces. The Developer has made every effort to make the application as stable as possible but since the developers knowledge of the phone is far from perfect it is possible that the application may cause your phone to be unstable and leave it in an unknown state. If phone is left in a state where it can't be controlled, phone can be powered off or battery can be removed and reinserted to reboot the phone to restore control/display on the phone.  Bug fixes are released regularly sometimes within same day of bugs being reported so the solution is always improving.

If it doubt ask on forums such as http://www.droidxforums.com as other users and the developer are happy to answer any questions.   If you are not comfortable with the above or the terms set forth in the application licensing agreement, then maybe this application isn't for you.

Comments left in android marketplace can't be responded to, please email bugs to apps(at)gmanapps.com

Do you need Real HDMI?

Its up to you and what you want to do with your phone. By using Real HDMI it is possible to watch flash videos and video from other third party applications on your big screen tv. If you just want to watch MPEG4 videos on your TV then you don't need Real HDMI as the built in Media Player does that for you. You only may need Real HDMI if you want to play your games, music, or video from third party applications on your big screen tv.

What Real HDMI can do:

Real HDMI simply allows the user to use one or more methods to establish control of the video routing inside your phone. The Droid X has one display controller and can send content to the external TV or the internal LCD but not both. This means phone's LCD will appear to "freeze" when HDMI output is enabled. This means that the "Mirroring" of displays that folks want is technically impossible due to phones hardware. This is a limitation of the hardware not of software. Real HDMI does not control the rendering of content on the screen, it only controls the routing of the content to either of the two displays.

Android 2.1 and 2.2 (leaked/prerelease) ROM's will experience "black bars" or artifacts on the screen when displaying video with certain applications. This is a side effect of the applications not scaling their interfaces properly. The full Android 2.2 upgrade that was downloaded over the air will not exhibit these bars and should show video perfectly with most application.

What Real HDMI can't do:

  • It doesn't modify or render content to the external screen.  It just redirects the graphics there to one display or another.  It has very little control over what is seen only where its seen.
  • It can't cause the LCD screen and TV screen to show same content as physical hardware in phone can only support one display at a time and can't drive both.
  • It can't make all graphics fill the full size of the TV if the application/game/program doesn't do so on its own.    If content/application doesn't recognize the full screen size and take advantage of it there is nothing that the application can do to remedy it.

Recommended Configuration

The developers recommended configuration / method of use is as follows and may not be same as default configuration of your Real HDMI installation.

Setup for Tilt On/OFF

1. Launch the Real HDMI application.
2. Hit the Menu Button on your phone.
3. Select Settings
4. Enable Haptic Feedback by checking the
5. Click on the Phone Controls section
6. Uncheck Phone Bump Detection
7. Check Phone Tile Enable
8. Select Tilt Action and select HDMI ON/OFF
9. Hit Back button to return to Real HDMI Main Screen

Once that is configured you can tilt phone so it faces the ground then back up to enable/disable hdmi. For example with hdmi off hit home button then navigate to your email app. Start a new email. Then when screen comes up, tilt the phone to enable hdmi. This freezes an image of the keyboard on your lcd and you can view what you are authoring on the tv. Tilt it again to turn hdmi off to navigate to youtube app. Click a video to start viewing it. Before video starts playing, tilt phone to enable hdmi output so video appears on the screen.

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